The Band

DJ Le Spam - turntables, samplers, FX, bass, guitar

DJ Le Spam, aka Andrew Yeomanson, was born in Montreal to an English father and Venezuelan mother. Growing up he moved with his family – London, Tampa, Bogota, Toronto and finally to Miami which he has called home for quite some time. Andrew started playing out (guitar) in 1991 playing with a Haitian political roots group – Lavalas Band. In 1993 he formed the Spam Allstars and began recording and gigging. In 1995 he had the opportunity to play guitar with Capitol recording artist Nil Lara, and recorded and toured with Nil for the next 3 years. Upon his return in 1998, Andrew began working with a pirate radio station who broadcast "beach radio" shows. These pirate radio programs included ½ hour improvised sets by the Spam Allstars using samples and live instruments in the studio. These performances segued nicely to the release of Spam Allstars first CD - Pork Scratchings in 1999.

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Tomas Diaz - timbales, lead vox

Originally from Matanzas, Cuba, Tomas came to the US with the Mariel boatlift. Finding himself in a camp in Pennsylvania, he quickly put his musical talent to work. He hosted a radio show and started a band. He was then invited to perform a gig in NYC and decided to make his way as percusionist based in NJ. Upon his move to Miami, he met DJ Le Spam when they both performed with Nil Lara.

In addition to Spam Allstars, Tomas performs with his own band, records as a session musician for a varitey of projects, and has recorded and performed with Clarence Clemmons' Temple of Soul for many years.

[check out some of Tomas' recordings]

AJ Hill - saxes, vox

AJ is the only Miami native in Spam Allstars. AJ has been a constant and pioneer in the Miami music scene for many years. He fronted his own band - AJ & the Stick People - who offered Miami funk like none other. He has recorded and toured with many artists including Sly & the Family Stone, Ricky Martin, Maria Conchita Alonso, Haitian band Skandal, and Johnny Dread. In addition, he has performed with Franco De Vita, Herbie Hancock, and Stewart Copeland. He has also recorded with Earth Wind & Fires' Ralph Johnson, Andrew Woolfolk, and Larry Dunn. As a child he performed with his brothers as The Apollo 5, and shared the stage with legendary Betty Wright, George and Gwen McCrae, Clarence Reid, and The Sunshine Band (formerly known as The Oceanliners).

In the mid 90's he began playing with DJ Le Spam, and in those days it may have been just Spam & AJ on stage. Apart from his musical career, AJ has been a respected restaurant owner (AJ & Sunshine's Food Without Fire), and currently has a catering business that specializes in raw foods.

In addition to his work with Spam Allstars, AJ continues to work as a session and touring musician for a varitey of projects.

Chad Bernstein - trombone, conch shells, vox

From Chicago, Chad is the newest and youngest member of Spam Allstars (you'll hear Mercedes calling him KID!!). He too came south to attend the University of Miami where he studied music. He started performing locally and was invited to sit in with the Spam Allstars. From that day forward he found his place as part of this project.

In addition to Spam Allstars, Chad is a member of and performs with Suenalo Sound System. Chad also records as a session musician for a varitey of projects.

Jose Elias - tres, electric guitar

Jose Elias is a multi instrumentalist, composer, producer, and D.J that has over 18 years experience in the field. He is a Grammy nominated artist who has performed and facilitated team building workshops in over four continents. In his free time, he helps run a non profit organization that produces an early childhood music program called World of Art, and a variety of community festivals that feature the many diverse and global artists that South Florida has to offer.

In addition to Spam Allstars, Jose is a session musician and currently performs with Conjunto Progreso, Nag Champayons and more.

Ted Zimmerman - trumpet

Ted Zimmerman started playing with Spam Allstars in 2008. He is from Texas, and studied at the University of Miami and has been based in SFL ever since.